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    Games in TEFL in a young adults environmet

    Hi! I am doing a research in the effectivity of using games in the learning process and I have found a lot of evidence so far, but I am asked to choose a level of proficency in which teaching through occasional games would be more effective. However everywhere I look I only find that games are to be adapted to each level's needs.
    I've chosen an intermediate young adult environmet to support my thesis because there is far more material for this level than for any other, and because I think that ocassional games would motivate more the intermediate students than others, but don't really know if this is right...
    I'd appreciate your views on this topic, either for intermediate, beginner or advanced students!

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    Re: Games in TEFL in a young adults environmet

    If the games are only occasional, wouldn't it be difficult to assess their value? I think games work,though it's a long time since I taught younger learners/young adults, but I honestly wouldn't know where to start with assessing the value of something done a couple of times a term, for instance.

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    Re: Games in TEFL in a young adults environmet

    I agree with Tdol - first you should define what "occasional" is. As I imagine, for such a research you would need at least 45 minutes a week for "gaming" so that you could measure the effectiveness. Also I would recommend defining games - do they have to be physical? Are they just fun exercises?

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