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    how to learn two foreign languages at the same time?


    I'm studying international relations and political science at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Due to the fact I focuse on the Unites States of America and Europe in my studies, I'm learning English and German. However, some time ago I realised that it is quite difficult and daunting to learn two foreign languages at the same time.

    I struggle to find enough time to cover all my learning subjects properly, including the aforementioned languages. However, I simply cannot memorize German words becuase of unknown reasons. Even if I memorize some words with the context they are used in, there is a high chance I will forget them in several hours. Unfortunately, the same story happens to my English. I am not advnaced at the English language but it is a level which I am heading for. In spite of trying my best to acquire a good command of English, I have not noticed any results lately. When I started learning English three years ago, I could see great results because I spent enormous amount of time on learning. Although I am trying to spend as much time as I used to, there are no such results. It looks like I have faced a stagnation point recently. In my humble opinion, it happened because I started learning German (according to the rules of my Universtity, it is mandatory to learn more than one foreign language). I am neither smarter or stupider than other people who learn foreign languages. Therefore the problem lies somewhere in my way of learning, I guess.

    (Finally, I'm coming to the point here

    As far as I know there are many teachers or people who speak more than two languages. So I want to ask you how did you learn them? Are there any good ideas? Can you tell me your hints or tricks?

    I found an article about this problem yesterday. A man said that it was extremely useful to learn two foreign language, so called, separately. He meant that he did not learn, let's say, Spanish and German on the same day. He explained that he learnt Spanish, for example, on Monday, Tuesday and Wendsday and then he got down to the German language on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (I've just roughly described his way ). What do you think about it?

    To cut a long story short (but it's already long enough), what would you suggest?

    If that helps: I'm 19. I have been neither to an English-speaking country or Germany. My communication skills in English are not as good as I wanted them to be.
    Please, correct all my mistakes. I should know English perfectly and if you show me my mistakes I will achieve my dream a little bit faster. A lot of thanks.

    Not a teacher nor a native speaker.

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    Re: how to learn two foreign languages at the same time?

    I'm a non-native so my opinion may differ from the native speakers', but your English is pretty good. Try a good English-English dictionary and a German-German one. Usually, they use a fixed set of several thousand words to write definitions and language usages supported by examples of sentences in which syntax, lexical meaning and collocation are emphasized.

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