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    The news of today



    - Have you seen the car of my father('s) that you have been asking about? (Should I put "s" or not?)

    - This is a car of my father's. (I think it is OK)

    - Have you heard the news of today? (Is it OK instead of "today's news)

    I have trouble with the usage of "s" and "s" although I have been searching for it on the forum.

    Could you help me with those sentences?


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    Re: The news of today

    We normally say my father's car and today's news.

    We'd need a good reason for saying the car of my father (no 's) or the news of today.

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    Re: The news of today

    To me, the news of today would probably be about how the news is presented nowadays. I wouldn't use it if talking about what I saw on TV today, but would, say, use it if contrasting the content of news nowadays compared to the past.

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