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    can I make full use of my time?

    At present I want to play tennis, want to play pingpong, want to study english, want to study maths and many other things what I really want to do. But time is limited, I do not know how to make full use of it. Please tell me, help mem, thank you

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    Re: can I make full use of my time?

    Hello Sfsling

    Here's my suggestion. Suppose you have activities A, B, and C:

    1. Work out how much time you have in total, to spend on A, B, and C. Draw up a schedule, with blank boxes for the times you have available.

    2. Work out what proportion of time you want to spend on each of them (e.g. 1/4 on A, 1/4 on B, 1/2 on C).

    3. Decide what part of the day is best for each activity. For instance, A may be better in the morning, and C in the evening.

    4. Distribute your activities in the proportions you decided in #2, and amongst the parts of the day you decided in #3.


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