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    Smile the smiley face was on the underside where it wasn't starin' at me

    Hello. I don't quite follow what the underlined sentence means in the context below.
    Please help. Thank you.

    from A Bird on Water Street by Elizabeth O. Dulemba----
    At home, I placed the cast next to my baseball trophies on the shelf under my bedroom window.
    In a way, it was a trophy too. I smiled at all the signatures. They were so different.
    Some were loopy, some were scratchy.
    Sonny Rust, the Company manager's son, had drawn a smiley face like John Hancock's big signature on the Declaration of Independence.
    He was always trying too hard to fit in. At least the smiley face was on the underside where it wasn't starin' at me.

    (The speaker was a miner's son. He had just got his cast off.
    Sonny and his parents were nice enough and they tried hard to be a part of the community, but there weren't no way they ever would.
    Because Sony's father was the Company's manager.)

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    Re: the smiley face was on the underside where it wasn't starin' at me

    The manager's son had drawn a smiley face () on the speaker's cast. The speaker is happy/relieved that the boy had drawn it on the underneath (or the back) of the cast so the speaker can't see it all the time (the smiley face isn't "staring" at him all day).
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