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    "The computational domain has been limited in the axial direction to two chord
    lengths upstream and seven chord lengths downstream of the blade."

    In above sentences and figure, I want to know that what is the exact meaning of "upstream"?

    Is the upstream from inlet to blade?




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    Re: upstream

    Where is the flow? From inlet to outlet, I presume.

    "Upstream" would be before the flow hits the blade. "Downstream" would be after the flow hits the blade. The presumption would be that the flow is pretty steady before hitting the blade, so only two chord lengths need to be evaluated. After the blade, the flow would be more dynamic, so seven lengths are analyzed.

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    Re: upstream


    Upstream: "Moving or situated in the opposite direction from that in which a stream or river flows; nearer to the source:"

    In this context "upstream" means moving from the blade upstream towards the inlet. "Downstream" means moving from the blade towards the outlet.

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