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    Smile Your dad dealt a mean one that time.

    Hello. I don't quite understand what the underlined sentence means in the context below.
    Does it mean "your dad got rid of a severe sulfur cloud in the past" or something?
    Please help. Thank you.

    (Sony is the (mining) Company manager's son. The speaker once said "He held the fate of most of our fathers' jobs in his hands." in the story.)
    from A Bird on Water Street by Elizabeth O. Dulemba----
    Standing where we were, Piran and I saw the sulfur cloud first. It was heading straight toward the ball field.
    Everybody squinted as the yellow cloud sank onto the field, turning everything a sickly color.
    I coughed a few times and felt the familiar burn in my lungs. Sulfur clouds blew through from the Company at least once a week, sometimes more.
    Piran reached for his inhaler. We all waited a few minutes to get used to the stink and then went back to playing.
    "Hey Sonny," Buster yelled out, "your dad dealt a mean one that time."
    "Ha, ha" Sony said, and looked away. But not before I caught a glimpse of his frown and saw his cheeks turn bright pink.
    I kinda felt bad for Sonny sometimes. Nobody realy wanted him on the team, but he was a better than average shortstop, so we put up with him.

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    Re: Your dad dealt a mean one that time.

    No. It means that Sonny's father (the mining company manager) had just released a very bad sulphur cloud from the mining company. Possibly even worse than usual.

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    Re: Your dad dealt a mean one that time.

    Dealt (rhymes with felt) is past tense for deal as in: 'to distribute playing cards to players before a card game begins'. "Your father dealt..." means 'your father sent/gave...'

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