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    antonym of harbinger

    i wnt one wrd for its antonym,rem that the wrd harbinger carries a negative sense

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    Re: antonym of harbinger

    Welcome, abhi.

    harbinger doesn't carry a negative sense. It's the nouns it modifies that makes it so (e.g., the harbinger of absenteeism, depression;a harbinger of impending doom!) or the reader already has a negative sense of the topic.

    Consider these contexts,

    ... an awareness of and an ability to work with ambiguity is to my mind one of the harbingers of higher intelligence ...

    They crushed Netscape - the harbinger of browsers.

    Second, the warbler, another harbinger of spring, sings among the boughs of plum ...

    synonym: precursor
    antonym: follow, follower

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    Re: antonym of harbinger


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    Re: antonym of harbinger

    hi! abhi....

    Actually, the word harbinger doesn't have any negative sense because this word means an indication of the approach of something or someone.

    Antonyms.. follower, supporter

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