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    Cool Who2

    Hello, my previous post "wHo" has replied, But im not sure it again, Who takes 3rd Person place
    For an example "who takes my pens?" takes is 3rd person place, regardless to the amount, in this case pens (plural), although pens are plural we still use takes, not take because of Who. Am i right? Correct me, if im wrong.
    But how about these? should i use 3rd person place or 1st 2nd person place?

    Ask: Who are/is using my pen?
    Reply: "They are using your pen."
    Should i use are or is?

    Ask: Who does/do question number 8?
    Reply: "They will do question number 8."
    should i use does or do?

    Warmest Regards,

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    Re: Who2

    #1 "who" is by default singular in number: if it doesn't have a referent, then a singular verb is used; e.g., Who is using my pen? If it has a plural referent, then a plural verb is used <but it can sound rather awkward - two people using one pen>,

    A: Max and Stan are using your pen.
    B:Who are using me pen?
    A: They are using your pen.

    Use "are" with plural subjects and "is" with singular subjects.

    A: Max is using your pen.
    B: Who is using my pen?
    A: Max is using it.


    #2 In this case "who" doesn't have a referent. The speaker either doesn't know / hasn't been told who is supposed to do #8, so "who" is singular,

    EX: Who does question number 8?
    EX: They will do question number 8.

    Below, "do" is in its infinitive or base form. It functions as part of the verb "will do". In such cases "do" doesn't agree in number with the subject,

    Who will do the question?
    They will do it.
    She will do it.


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