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    Contacting someone from closed thread.

    I would like to contact someone in a closed thread,,,,,send they my email address in case they are available to answer a there a way to do this? I am trying to contact LeighS ... she may or may not still be on this site, as she hasn't posted in a while. Can anyone advise on how I might get a message to her?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Contacting someone from closed thread.

    Hello, leah donnelly heath.

    I'm sure you're talking about this member:
    Why don't you send an Email or Private Message to LeighS?
    We'll never know whether she will actually read it or not, though.

    (Edit) I compeletly forgot the fact that you need to make more than ten posts to be able to use Private Message.
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    Re: Contacting someone from closed thread.

    You can send her a private message soon. The ability to send them will get switched on. It doesn't appear automatically when you join to try to stop spammers and advertisers from bothering people. Some people allow members to send emails, but others don't. If she does, you can try that when it switches on.

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