Please evaluate my IELTS Essay and point out errors.

How do movie or t.v affect people?

There has been tremendous growth of entertainment media over the last few years. Media influenced numerous people and it becomes an essential part of their life. Some people argue that media is spoiling youngster badly due to sever violence on TV and films. However, other state that it keeps us updated with latest news and a source of entertainment for many. I strongly believe that media has undeniable benefits on people lives.

Media play a vital role in easing our stress and tension. Nowadays people are busy in their hectic routine work, they get very less time for recreational activities. Movies and television provide best source of entertainment and helped them to make them fresh, relax and energetic for their future work. In addition to this television also provide news and other informative programs which create awareness and enhance their knowledge.

However, youngsters are negatively affected by the violence and aggression shown in movies and dramas. They have become less patience and more susceptible to violence. This has also increased the crime rate in the society. People want to act like their favorite celebrity in real life, which cause many problems. For Instance, people start fighting over small dispute which could turn into a battle field on later stage.

In conclusion, I believe that we should use media as fun activity rather than highlighting its negative aspects. It is also recommended to remove violence. Finally, movies and TV has more positive affects and should be the mandatory part of everyone lives.