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    reasons for the longer life span of the human being today essay feedbck

    hello, please if someone can give me a feedback about my writing?
    it's not that good and maybe very bad and funny but i'am trying and learning, thank you very much.

    Today, the average human lifespan is longer compared to the past.
    people are living longer today thanks to technology solutions and advanced science. there are several reasons for the longer life span of the human being today.

    first of all, at the time, we have various uses in medicine, we have all kinds of surgeries, organ transplants, we have very important machines such as “CT”,”MRI” and more which can detect diseases even before they appeared in a person. also we have drugs that were developed with the time thanks to medical scientists and their researches in the laboratories.
    this kind of medicine, have proven that they can cure serious diseases from which a lot of people died in the past. the mortality rate due to infections and disease carriers significantly decreased in last century.

    secondly, today people are much more aware of a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and sport activities.
    women today, work long hours and do not always have time for home and children, and in certain places in the world, birth rates have dropped significantly, women are more aware of contraception, and they have regular checks to the doctors in order to bring as healthy a child as possible, of course we have an important effect on the next generation.

    to summarize, our desire to strive to live longer and healthier, is reflected in the development of advanced medical technology which is working non-stop to promote our life expectancy.

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    Re: reasons for the longer life span of the human being today essay feedbck

    First of all, only one of your sentences begins with a capital letter.

    You need to edit your post and begin every new sentence with a capital letter.

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