Could someone please have a look at my poem, I have wrote it for an English class and it's due tomorrow.

Black and white
The great dividing line
People want and want
But no. I need, I need

Iíll take my obstacles by the day and week
Fathomless blackness pervades the night sky
Cries of despair and painful screams
Grotesque shaped boats crowd the streams

Somatic sensations of acute discomfort
I know, I know. I can endure this pain
But I no longer want to experience this vain

Someone told me that there was an end in sight
They say, the wind and sail will guide the way
What is the end? Will there be land and light?
Will I make it across this arduous plight?

Iím only an exile that fled for safety
Somewhat expelled from my homeland and country
Iíve done nothing wrong and Iíll give you anything
Please, please, at least draw me across the line