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    strike right at the heart of

    Xiaokaxiu gives an opportunity to Internet userswho long for self-expression. “Xiaokaxiu strikesright at the heart of the ‘self-deprecating’ culture among young peoplethat loves pleasing others by making fun of oneself,” one writer commented “The effect of the funny acting then rapidly snowballs throughall the sharing and downloading on social media.”

    According to the dictionary, "strike at the heart of" means "damage something severely".

    But the underlined part seems the other way around.

    Am I right? What does it mean in this sentence?



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    Re: strike right at the heart of

    not a teacher

    I feel the writer in your example has used the wrong phrase. The required meaning would be better expressed with the phrase "gets right to the heart of".
    As your dictionary says, "strikes at the heart of something" usually means to damage something severely by attacking the most important part of it.
    To "get to the heart of something" means to get to the essential meaning or nature of something.

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