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Some people think that students who don’t take a break in studies between the high school and the university are at disadvantage compared to students who travel and work after high school before further continuing their education. Do you agree or disagree?

Universities provide lofty education to their students under the supervision of trained professionals. However, they lack in providing practical experience of the subject to students. Some people argue that continuation of studies without break is less fruitful. Students should travel across the world to mitigate their stress and involve themselves into practical work in order to deep understanding of the studies they had learnt at universities. I believe that study break is an opportunity for people to enhance their skills by implementing their concept in real world.

Practical experience plays a pivotal role in grasping difficult concepts with ease. By tightening the grip of subject, one can become master of it. Therefore, it is an essential part of learning to indulge yourself in practical field after completing high school studies. It will equally beneficial for your knowledge and pocket.

Student without study break are less likely to perform well in their professional lives. As they do not have practical working knowledge of things that deterrent their growth in the market, gradually they overcome their problem after having exposure to practical working. Moreover, they also lack behind in other qualities such as team work, confidence etc.

To sum up, I would like to say that learning by doing is most affective technique that is commonly used by successful people. Therefore, universities make it mandatory for their students to have practical knowledge of the subject before entering into university. Study without break could cause anxiety and stress, and is less effective for young learner.