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  1. razel

    Unhappy "th"


    can i ask for someone who can help me out with the "th" sound, coz i have some problem pronouncing i pronounce the number "three" the same with "tree"

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    Re: "th"

    This is a common problem, even with native speakers from certain countries. For example, my mother is Irish, and she routinely says 'tree' rather than 'three', and 'tater' rather than 'theatre'.

    Try remembering to place your tongue further forward against the back of your upper teeth when making the 'th' sound, and then pull it back sharply while aspirating.

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    Smile Re: "th"

    I have had speech therapy in order to be able to pronounce "th". I find that I only have trouble when the word itself commences with "th". The word "three" has been a perennial challenge. I think, more importantly, one only feels terrribly conscious depending on the company.
    Coffa's advise sounds great!
    Have a lovely weekend!

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    Re: "th"


    I know you posted this a long time ago, but in case your still having problems. To produce a "th" rather than a "t".... put your tongue inbetween your upper and lower teeth and "bite down" on it gently. If you do this in front of a mirror you'll see the tip of your tongue sticking out between the teeth.

    I'm a speech therapist and find this very effective when people have difficulty with "th". At first it will feel very clumsy and look quite exagerated. However, with practice the movement and sound will become more subtle.

    Good luck!

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