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    "He doesn't like the "mainstream media"; believes its influence overrated and prefers direct personal contact or to use social media." (From The Guardian.)

    "prefers" in the clause "(He) prefers direct personal contact" is obviously a transitive verb, but what about the same verb in "(He) prefers to use social media"?

    So my questions regarding the above sentence are:

    Is "prefers" an intransitive verb in
    "(He) prefers to use social media"?

    Is "to use social media" a complement of the verb "prefers" in "(He) prefers to use social media"?

    Is "prefers" a catenative verb in "prefers to use social media"?

    Thank you.
    I'm not a teacher and I'm not a native speaker of English.

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    Re: prefers

    1. No. "Prefer" is a transitive verb.
    2. You could call it a complement or the direct object of the verb.
    3. Some would call it that.

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