Hi guys, found this website today and I have not much time left as tomorrow I'm sitting for national english test.

Alright, so back to the main point: What and what not to write for discursive essay?

-I found out that you should NOT WRITE YOUR OWN OPINIONS for discursive

--But the problem is this. I read samples for discursive it does look like it does have writers opinions and I do not know how to differentiate!

-So main question is, what does DO NOT WRITE YOUR OWN OPINIONS in discursive essay actually means? Example?

And here is one of a article I read: http://live.fundza.mobi/home/library...cursive-essay/

Out of topic: Is there any tips for writing a good essay? and comprehension? or even spot grammatical error/ tense error for english?
(I am sorry if there is a post relating to this but I'm rushing while I'm typing right now. If there is could someone post the link in this thread?)

Sorry if there are lots of grammatical error in this thread.. english isn't my main language . Oh and can someone correct errors in this?