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Thread: "White lies"?

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    Smile "White lies"?

    I just couldn't understand what does "white lies"mean.Does it mean a kind lies or not.Can you help me explain it?

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    Re: "White lies"?

    A 'white lie' is a lie that the speaker regards as not being very serious. For example:

    "I've told a few white lies, but I wouldn't dream of trying to cheat someone."

    If your partner asked you if they looked good in a particular dress, and you thought they didn't, you might compliment them anyway. This would be 'a little white lie' - you are trying not to hurt their feelings.

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    "White lies" are unimportant/harmless lies, told in order to be tactful or polite.

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    Re: "White lies"?

    Another example of a white lie:
    Your mother phones you and you don't feel like talking at the moment, so you tell your husband to "tell her I'm not home."

    Of course, I've never done this....

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    Re: "White lies"?

    Thanks for you answer!

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