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In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work. Some people regard this as completely wrong, while others consider it a valuable work experience, which is important for learning and taking responsibility. What is your opinion?

Child labour has significantly increased in developing countries over the last few years. Due to high inflation more people are susceptible to send their children in paid activities. Some people argue that children involvement in work could lead to severe problems. Others state that paid world could help enormously in developing skills, confidence and other essentials traits of professional lives. I believe that children involvement in work have dire consequences.

It is often seen that children are more opted towards bad activities, those start working in their childhood. They have to interact various types of peoples in order to perform their daily job. These people can take advantage of their innocence by involving them in suspicious activities. Children have been rewarded against that, this increases their hunger for money and thus they become criminals.

However paid work plays pivotal role in improving living conditions of peoples. Children start doing work in order to support their families financially. In recent years, life has become very difficult due to inflation. That is why majority of poor people indulge their children in paid work. Furthermore, it could help immensely in their future. Learning skills open new horizon of opportunities. In addition to this, individuals learn other essential skills such as team work, handling pressure situation and leadership. These skills could be beneficial for their future job.

In conclusion, I believe that the disadvantages if paid work overweigh its advantages. Government should take necessary measures to eradicate this sin from society; youth are the future of any country and should not be deprived with their basic rights.