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    on any of the following

    How much do you spend on any of the following
    a. Rent
    b. Clothing
    c. Food
    d. Transportation to and from work
    e. Insurance
    f. Gym subscription
    g. Movie and theater tickets

    If I see a question such as this in a form, should I provide a detailed list or should I provide the sum total?
    Some people might not spend money for gym subscription, movie tickets etc.

    How should the question be asked in either case?

    Many thanks.
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    Re: on any of the following

    Your first consideration should be whether to respond to this kind of question at all. Answering questions about your spending habits can send a whole host of bad people your way. Its nobody's business how you spend your money.

    The way it's worded is ambiguous. How you respond depends on how you feel about this kind of intrusive question.

    You would be responding correctly if you chose one of the categories (perhaps one you didn't spend any on) and gave that amount- zero.

    If you are for some reason eager to give a full accounting, you could add up your spending in each category (some may be zero, as you pointed out) and give the total.

    The question does not ask for details.

    If they want details, they should ask how much you spend on each instead of any...
    If they want a total, they should ask for your total spending in all the following categories (or something similar).

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    Re: on any of the following

    Logically, I would assume that they want figures for each category.


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