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    My last summer holidays

    My last summer holidays were great.
    I spent it in my house at seaside
    Every day from the begining of summer holidays I mostly played online games with my friends.

    I literally spent 24 hours on my computer until my parents said we are going to take a rest on seaside where we had a cottage on peninsula Istra in city Labin.

    We travelled about 4 hours because we stayed at Mcdonalds and then at cafe

    Trip to there was interesting becasue me and my brother and sister played game on smartphone called Subway Surfers and we needed to make a high score in that game.So at the end of trip we called a winner and that was me. I had like 3 million score and they had 500000 hundred score together so i was big competition for them.

    We stayed 6 days there and when we got home we got back to our everyday life and habits.
    Check it please

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    Re: My last summer holidays

    This is the third time you have tried to post this essay even though you already told us it was homework and I told you very clearly that WE DO NOT HELP WITH HOMEWORK.

    If you try to post this essay again, you will probably at least be put into moderation if not banned.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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