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    Exclamation Lord or The Lord

    Good afternoon,

    I am writing an essay about Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I would like to ask anything. What do I have to use Lord or TheLord? Can you help me please?

    I would like to ask another question. Can you tell me grammer mistakes, which are in my essay? Thank you!

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – it is a name of the book which was written by British writer J. K. Rowling in 1997. After that this book was cinematized. I saw this film and I was very excited. So I want to tell you something about it. The film started at the championship in famprpal. But then the sign of Smtrtijeds, followers of Lord Voldemort, who murdered parents of Harry Potter, a main hero of this film, appeared on the sky. So Harry Potter with his friends Ron and Hermiona came back to the school. They met here crank Moody, who is the teacher of devilry. But they met much more interesting people – pupils from two schools – from Krásnohůlky and from Kruval. They arrived to Bradavice to take part of famous competition – Tournament of three magicians. Pupils over 15 years old, who wanted to compete, had to write their names on a piece of paper and put it in the magic goblet. After that the magic goblet chose three names - Cedric Diggory from Bradavice, Fleur Delacour from Krásnohůlky and famous famprpal’s catcher Viktor Krum from Kruval. But unexpectedly without a warning the magic goblet chose another name – Harry Potter, who was fourteen. All these pupils had to do very hard exams. The last one was to find the magic goblet in the labyrinth. Harry and Cedric found it in the same time so they decided to grab it in the same time too. But the goblet was witchy and it took them to the graveyard, where they met Lord Voldemort. He killed Cedric. But Harry was quick so he escaped to Bradavice. Then he learned, that crank Moody is not crank Moody, it is Barty Skrk – follower of Lord Voldemort. And he admitted of all crimes and he admitted that he put a piece of paper with a name of Harry into the magic goblet.

    I am sorry about names, which are used in the text(czech translation - I do not know original names)

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    Re: Lord or The Lord

    "Lord" on its own is a title, usually used with a name: "Lord Kitchener", "Lord Soper" or, of course, "Lord Voldemort". It replaces "Mr", and you don't use "the" with it (you don't say "The Mr Smith", for example).

    "The lord" would be a certain lord. For example, "The lord of the manor" was the person in charge of the land on which the farmers worked. Here it's not a title or a form of address, just a description -- you use it in the same way you use "the man", for example.

    "The Lord" (with a capital "L") usually refers to God. It is a translation of the Hebrew "Adonai". You use the definite article unless you are addressing him directly: "Oh Lord, I pray to you...".

    In many Bibles, "the Lord" is also used to translate the holy name "Yahweh" (or "YHWH", because Hebrew has no written vowels), but most use capital letters ("The LORD"). This is because Yahweh is considered by some (especially Jews) to be too holy to pronounce, and many Jews say "Adonai" instead. A few Christian Bibles use "Jehovah" or even "Yahweh", but not many.

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    Re: Lord or The Lord

    thank you very much

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