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    Mistakes in my text

    Hi can you please correct mistakes in my text. The whole words might be wrong in some places.
    It is for a catalouge for windows.

    Company's sale is oriented in complexed market. We have equiped a complex of tenement houses in Moscow.

    Hotel Schlaber
    Hotels in highlands of worldwide known ski areas are equiped with our products.

    Variety of materials, high developed technology and possibility of decorative additions are making production of different products possible.

    Quality colors that are environment friendly give you a long term protection of our products which have years of guarantee.
    Different color casts make creative arhitecture and new atractive possibilities.

    Notranja oprema – furniture

    Modern touristic settlements at Croatian shore are equiped with shutters, that fit the enivronment there.

    Windows in combination of wood and aluminium are a perfect solution for demending buyers.

    An excelent thermal and sound insulation makes possible building in windows in all climate circumstances.

    Production complex and offices are located in center of Logatec. We have representatives in other countries that are distributing our products all over the world.

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    Re: Mistakes in my text

    environment friendly- environmentally
    atractive- tt
    long term- long-term
    years of guarantee- guaranteed for xxx years
    Notranja oprema – furniture-Notranja Oprema furniture (if this is the name of the company, it should be capitalised)
    demending - demanding
    An excelent thermal- Excellent thermal

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