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Thread: A sentence

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    Question A sentence

    Hi: Consider the sentence:
    “I suggest the players to study the play’s rules, which seem to be troublesome for them.”
    I am not quite sure that it is correct; the problem I see is “them” at the end of the sentence (more precisely, I am not sure whether it correctly refers to “players”). I am sure the sentence is understandable, but is it correct?


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    Re: A sentence

    It should be "I suggest the players study..." 'The players' is the plural subject noun of the verb 'to study', which should be in the third person plural singular.

    'Players' normally 'play a game', not 'a play' - actors 'act a play', and a play does not usually have 'rules'. However, in US English, players might 'make a play', which is a discreet piece of action within the game (for example, in American Football).

    'Them' is perfectly correct - it is a pronoun referring back to 'the players'.

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