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    Arrow help me to use in appropriate way

    Asset what does it mean? and how can I use it in a sentences..?

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    Re: help me to use in appropriate way

    Asset can have 2 meanings:

    1) It can be something valuable (quality) and this can refur to a person or thing.
    EG: He proved himself as being an asset to our company

    2) It is also being used in the world of "accounting" So, here it has something to do with money.
    Asset is a word with a positive meaning.
    Asset can refur to perks of the job, moneywise.

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    Cool Re: help me to use in appropriate way

    Hi, I'd like some more meanings to those given by Johan:

    1. A useful or valuable quality, person, or thing; an advantage or resource: proved herself an asset to the company.
    2. A valuable item that is owned.
    3. A spy working in his or her own country and controlled by the enemy.
    Source: American Heritage Dictionary.


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    Re: help me to use in appropriate way

    Here are a few examples of usage:

    In order to avoid paying taxes, he transferred his assets into an off-shore bank account.

    Saul worked overtime every night this week to finish the project. He is a real asset to this department.


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