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    No answer to any question there


    I cannot make head or tail of what the sentence in bold text means in the whole context.

    She gazed out blankly into the window glass, cold and lustrous as a frozen pool in some outlandish and benighted valley. Vaguely reflected there, she scanned her pale and solemn face--'a nice tidy face', as a friend had once summarized it--wide brows, high-boned oval cheeks, a firm, quiet mouth, and these now darkly questing, searching, startled eyes. No answer to any question there. She turned towards the hunched-up shape of the driver seated in his glass cab; and continued awhile to survey the
    great hump of his shoulders and sprawling arms as if through a faint inward mist.

    What Dreams May Come by Walter de la Mare, 1936

    Thanks a lot for help
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    Re: No answer to any question there

    I think it means that she has something to deal with; a problem to solve, or a decision to make, which may have been mentioned before this passage. During this journey her mind drifts and she ends up looking at her reflection in the window. However, she will not find the answer to any problem, or question, by simply gazing at her own reflection.

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    Re: No answer to any question there

    It's also saying that she herself doesn't know the answer.
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