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    I am working with phrases, and find some of it very difficult. I'm going to analyse 'have been inspired', but for me it's a conflict. I think it is an adjective phrase, but can 'have been' together be a premodifier for 'inspired'? But earlier I have learned that 'Have' is a premodifier to 'been', so could 'been' have an other function in this phrase?

    I really want to learn this, and would be happy if you could help me! :)

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    Re: Phrases

    Hello, eiringaase.
    Welcome to

    Why do you think 'have been inspired' is an adjective phrase? To me, it looks like part of a sentence, such as "Those authors have been inspired by the Lake District landscape".

    (The example sentence I've given above is in the 'present perfect passive'.)

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    Re: Phrases

    It is easier for us to help you if you provide us with a complete sentence.

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