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    Prepositional Usage


    I'd like to verify whether or not I'm correct in my understanding that prepositions should not be used at the end of a sentance.

    That's the way I was taught, but I'm hearing and seeing a trend toward increased usage at the end of a sentance. Is it becoming more accepted?


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    Re: Prepositional Usage

    It's a bit of a myth. Prepositions often come at the end of sentences, though in many cases where they do, they actually are functioning as something else:

    They had an argument but have since made up.

    Here, 'up' is not functioning as a preposition, but many still regard it as one.

    Where do you come from?

    Formally, you could move 'from' to the beginning of the sentence, or even use 'whence', but neither way provides a natural sentence.

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    Re: Prepositional Usage

    Thanks much for clearing that up.

    So, then it would be equally acceptable to say, "Is there a certain box you would like it in?" or "Is there a certain box, in which you would like it?" - right?


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