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Thread: open and close

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    open and close

    That's from the classic traditional children's song:

    The doors on the bus go open and close
    open and close,
    open and close.
    The doors on the bus go open and close,
    all day long.

    My questions are: is the verb "go" a linking verb and are "open" and "close" the adjectival complements of the subject "The doors on the bus" in the clause "The doors on the bus go open and close" (in other words: are "open" and "close" adjectives here?)?

    Thank you.
    I'm not a teacher and I'm not a native speaker of English.

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    Re: open and close

    In this example, the fact that it's a children's song does have a bearing on a grammatical analysis. To me, it's written from a child's perspective with a child's grammar.
    It means that there are two functions to a bus door: open and close (verbs) which put them in the states: open, and closed. Correct grammar would be "The doors on the bus go open and closed." or "The doors on the bus open and close."
    I think that a child would read them as verbs.
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