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Urban life vs. suburban life

People inhabit different parts of the world and each one has his own individual lifestyle, but there are many factors that affect our lifestyle, and particularly the place we live is among the most important ones. It is clear that growth opportunities in certain areas or the lack of them will play an important role in our standards of living.

In each country the living areas can be classified as: urban, suburban, and rural. Urban areas include the cities or towns with a certain number of populations, but suburban areas are located outside these cities or towns. Each area has its own advantages and disadvantages for living, so there are some aspects that should be considered by people when they are choosing a place to live.

In this paper life in urban and suburban areas will be compared in some of main aspects such as: environment, facilities, education, transportation, housing, and social culture.


Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems that urban dwellers must face in their everyday life, and will result in many health problems for these city residents.

On the contrary, in suburban areas air pollution is less serious than in the cities. Since suburbs have greener and less polluted areas, and this makes these areas a healthier place for living, specially for elder people or those who suffer from conditions that cannot bear living in polluted urban areas.


Cities have more access to facilities such as shopping and health care centers, banks, libraries, recreational centers, etc. These will make life easier and more comfortable for urban dwellers and is one of the main reasons for people who choose cities for living.

On the contrary, suburban areas usually have less access to these facilities and sometimes this will also lead to some problems for dwellers. For example; they may have to go to the cities when they have serious health problems to see the specialists in city hospitals, or they might need items that only can be found in big supermarkets or shopping malls in the city. These issues might make people hesitant when they making decision on choosing a place to live, specially if they have children.


It is clear that educational centers are mainly found in the urban areas, and this seems to be a great advantage that makes many university students to choose living in the cities rather than in the suburbs.

On the contrary, although the number of schools in suburban areas are fewer than in the cities, the quality of these schools are higher than the city schools, mainly because tele-educational and high technological systems are used more frequently in these areas.


People easily have access to public transportation means such as buses, yellow cabs, and subways in the urban areas, and this makes their movements easier and safer. However, traffic and lack of enough places for parking the automobiles, are among the biggest and most stressful problems in the cities, that sometimes makes the life miserable for the city dwellers.

On the contrary, suburban people have to commute between their homes and the cities, specially if they work in the cities. So they have to use their own cars or take other available transportation means to commute, and this is a main disadvantage for living in these suburban areas, since these people have to spend more money and time for commuting between their homes and the cities.


Building complexes, skyscrapers, and closely spaced houses are characteristics of urban areas. People usually don't own a house and mostly have to rent them wherever affordable. Living in closely spaced houses or flats, usually result in less privacy in urban areas and this is considered as a disadvantage for many people. Besides that, raising kids in these small places are difficult, too, so many people will prefer to have fewer children in urban areas.

On the contrary, houses in the suburban areas are usually large with yards or playgrounds, and this renders them more privacy and also enough space for raising children, too. Of course, the housing or renting prices are higher in these areas compared to the cities. So most of the suburban dwellers are among those with good financial situations.

Social culture

Urban areas are involved with more social problems such as crimes, social abnormalities, and violations. These will make urban life less safe and more stressful for dwellers. On the other hand, because of hyperactive and overcrowded nature of city living, people are less friendlier to each other, and are more self-centered and are more likely suffering from anxiety and stress related problems. But since there are more job opportunities in the cities, many people prefer to tolerate these rather harsh situations for having a better job or career.

On the contrary, suburban dwellers have more calm and peaceful life, and spend more time with each other, specially with their family members, and this is considered as a great advantage for suburban life, too.

In summary, urban life has advantages in terms of transportation, job opportunities, facilities and some amenities, university centers, while suburban life has advantages in terms of less stressful and more peaceful life, more spacious houses and luxuries, and more opportunities for spending time with other people specially family members. Regarding to these aspects in each area, it is up to us to choose a place for living. People who don't mind living in crowded and hyperactive areas and prefer to have access to more facilities and amenities will definitely choose cities for living. On the contrary, those who seek more calm and peaceful life will probably choose living in suburb areas. As for me, If I were given a choice of where to live, I would choose a suburban place, since it would offer the calm and peaceful condition that I need at present.