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    Tone Excercise - English

    I am needing help with a tone Exercise in finding 15 mistakes that are words, phrases and sentences.

    What the heck is the postmorbid condition? Whatever. So here it is. Vivian Sobchack explains it in her essay by the same name. After you read her, you'll find out things like this. Films such as Bonnie and Clyde and Pulp Fiction still stand as leaders in terms of Sobchak's "hyperbolic escalation and quantification of violence." Television programs like 24 and Law and Order Criminal Intent are somewhat more tame examples of this phenomenon. _Some folks wanna go with the flow and says it's okay. Actually, it's most of them. But I feel different about the whole thing.

    It is easily one of the most unnoticed menaces in our culture today. It is a common thread that runs through some of the top rated crime dramas on cable television. If you don't believe me, just take a look at The Brotherhood or Dexter. And don't forget The Wire. Vivian Sobchack says, "...this change in attitude and treatment of violence is a function of our increasingly 'technologized' view of the body and flesh." The question is whether or not her assertions are correct. Then agin, who cares? But back to the subject.

    Is it in fact true that audiences have become desensitized to violence after having been subjected to mass quantities via film and television? Sociologist and cultural critics still argue about the effects of media violence. I don't think anybody really knows the answer so why even bring it up in the first place? So kids, why even stock the flames? Still, violence and sensational gore is part and parcel of the beloved action-adventure film, science fiction, and suspense thrillers. It is an important component in the craft of screen writing. In this age of computer animation and special effects, it has become as mundane as 'coffee and donuts'. Believe me, if they ever pull it all out, you'll sit up on your sofa one day after your favorite show, or leave the movies after the world was saved and wonder what you missed.

    Thanks for all your help.. I haven't been in school in 25 years and need help with this firt assignment as it is all online with no instruction. Thank you much, Rebecca

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    Re: Tone Excercise - English

    What the heck is the postmorbid condition?
    Does that really sound like a good way to open an essay? Try looking for what sounds like people talking in a bar and separate it from what sounds like people lecturing.

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