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    Please Give Me Some Help And Advices

    I am a freshman , far away from my relatives and my friends. At first, I felt homesick and depressed, and couldnít adapt to the strange environment. This dark time lasted until I met you , my townmate , We had a loot to communicate, and we got along well with each other. But ÖÖ
    Still remember that someone says : puppy love is the sweetest but not perfect. Maybe we are both
    naÔve , and our wishes are always not practical but too idealistic, so that the love flowers wither quickly.
    The memory is still fresh for me : When I felt unhappy ,I would find you for comfort ,and you would try your best to encourage me and gave me confidence. When I was studying in the classroom while heavy rain pouring down , you appeared at the door with an umbrella in your hand; When I wept ,you would held me tightly and gave me a wide shoulder to lean on . When we visited the city by bike ,you rode on my left to make me safer .
    And for you ,I knew you really regarded me as your lover .You sometimes will tell me what you were doing and what you were thinking .When you met with something happy or sad ,you will call me out and told me . When you told me happy things ,I shared the happiness with you .When you felt sad ,I was just listening .Although I didnít give you any suggestion ,you said that was suffice for you .
    There had been so many times we swore that we spent all our life together.
    However, I can understand that we under pressure of study , and after graduation we are facing to problem of hunting jobs with decent wages. We have no time and no energy to do other things. Once we find that it goes not as well as usual .We may feel tired and exhausted. ,I know you didnít want to hurt me ,and you suggested that we hid this love for a while .Donít cheat me and yourself ,I know whatís the meaning of. If it is a burden to each other ,why do we still keep this relationship .To say goodbye is a good chance before everything goes bad .We have no quarrels ,no tears, and it ends so quickly and quietly .Maybe it is the best for both of us.
    Although I canít become your lover, I still appreciated you and all that you have done for me .But for your encouragement and generous help ,I canít spend happy time in a new city .I am sure when I am old and remember these happy and sweet times .I will smile sweetly. But now I must lock it at the bottom of my heart and begin my new life.
    At last , I hope the best for you in the future and GOD BLESS.

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    Re: Please Give Me Some Help And Advices

    Have a look at the tenses- you start with the present tense (I am a freshman), but later in the text you refer to having graduated.

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    Re: Please Give Me Some Help And Advices

    thank you very much!


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