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    Involving a few nations, the event.....

    In the sentence below, is there a ‘term’ or grammar ‘rule’ on starting a sentence with an '–ing' form such as the word ‘Involving in the second sentence?

    The general agreement was that nothing was more fitting than a regional games event. Involving a few nations, the event would heighten commitment from participating nations too.

    I am thinking using ‘–ing’ to start a sentence, where appropriate, does make the read more interesting. I don’t know anything academic about this ‘kind’ of writing/grammar use.

    Thank you for teaching me

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    Re: Involving a few nations, the event.....

    Having read the above, I think 'Involving a few nations' is a present participial phrase acting as an adjective modifying the subject 'event', but I am not a teacher.

    You can find similar examples with grammatical explanations there.

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