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    “Viktor Jary?” said the bookseller. “Never heard of him.”
    “It came out around ’74 or ’75,” said Lebeda.
    “I got some Czech prose in day before yesterday. Estate. Literary critic. Six hundred volumes at five crowns apiece. I sell a hundred for fifty, I make two thousand. But they aren’t unpacked yet.”

    Case Closed, Patrik Ourednik

    I cannot really make out the meaning of the last sentence, especially the usage of the word "estate."

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    Re: Estate

    I imagine the books were part of the estate (the total extent of the real and personal property of a deceased person or bankrupt*) of a literary critic who had died The bookseller bought 600 books for five crowns each, a total cost of 3,000 crowns. If he sells only 100 of these at for 50 crowns each, he receives 5,000 crowns, making a profit of 2,000 crowns.


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