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    Talk about


    I would like to know in what context the phrase talk about is used here. Could it be replaced by try to imagine? (My God! try to imagine a Lost World ... the END of the World ... The Night Land ...)

    "The sun was pretty low as I came back, and far off across that Desolation, here and there they showed — just formless, squarish, cornerless masses erected by man against the Infernal Storm that sweeps for ever, night and day, day and night, across that most atrocious Plain of Destruction. My God! talk about a lost World — talk about the END of the World; talk about the "Night Land" — it is all here, not more than two hundred odd miles from where you sit infinitely remote."

    An excerpt of a letter written by W.H.Hodgson, an English horror/fantasy/sci-fi writer, in which he describes the horrible scene of the French WW1 battlefield where he fought and eventually was killed in 1918.

    Thank you very much
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    Re: Talk about

    It's an exclamation of amazement and wonderment—a short way of saying something like 'I've never known such an extreme example of a lost world'.

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    Re: Talk about

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    I think that international members and guests should really add this expression to their English vocabulary.

    I have made up three examples.

    Mona: Have you seen that new movie "Rainbow over the Sea"?
    Raul: I certainly have! Talk about bad movies! (= "Rainbow over the Sea" is an example of a really bad movie.)

    Raul: What do you think of the "Daily Bugle"?
    Mona: Are you kidding? Talk about the sad condition of today's American newspapers! (= The "Daily Bugle" is a good example of how bad many American newspapers are today because the Internet has taken away almost all classified advertising. The "Daily Bugle" now has been reduced to 10 pages a day. All foreign news has been dropped. It's pathetic.)

    Mona: What do you think about Tony's marrying Betty?
    Raul: Talk about one lucky guy! (= Betty is beautiful -- and RICH. Tony is very, very lucky.)

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