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    Teaching English to various age groups

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a graduate in English and Spanish Linguistics, but not a native speaker of English. I'm currently doing my Erasmus practice in a secondary school in Southern Spain as a conversation assistant. I have no previous experience in teaching English, so it's a real challenge. In the first place, because, as mentioned in the title of the topic, I work with people of various ages, starting from 9 and ending at 23, and I usually give lessons to small groups (5-6 people), about 12 different groups in total. However, the biggest challenge I face is related to the level of the students, which is basically A1,or less. This is to say, they are not able to formulate a sentence, not even talking about expressing any opinion, etc., so I am out of ideas what to do with them, as to have a conversation in English (which is technically my task) is, obviously, impossible. I'm not given any book or lesson plan either (everything is a bit disorganized in a said school...). I know you can find games (vocabulary, speaking, etc.) on internet, but, having in mind the low level of almost all of my students, I cannot make a 23 year-old draw a chicken... Do you have any tips on how to teach English to adults of 0 level? (Another problem is that it's a secondary school, so most of them are not motivated at all, and this is something really difficult to bear with for me as a 23 year-old recent graduate with no experience in the field...). Or how to make young children talk (they're either afraid or indifferent, if I ask them to express an idea, they just tell a few words and get bored, so I don't know how to proceed with the lesson.

    If somebody with experience could help me, I would be more than grateful!

    P.S.: I cannot afford buying any books or printing any material, as I'm not getting paid for the practice.

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    Re: Teaching English to various age groups

    Are these age ranges in the same class?

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