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    English films about teachers

    Are there any English films about teachers and students where I could pick up "classroom English", some common or not so common phrases teachers use during the lesson? Of course I can easily google for "classroom English" and I often do so, but I want to see some examples of "(almost) real life situations" in a film.
    If I were a native speaker of English, I would never shut up. :-)

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    Re: English films about teachers

    Ask someone else about this answer!!!!! .... but what about The History Boys (set in England), Kes (from the 1960s- set in Yorkshire where there is a lot of Yorkshire accent and also quite a bit of Yorkshire dialect, ie: non-standard English); What about the Harry Potter films?? I've read all the books but seen none of the films but I'm guessing they have a lot of classroom situations with plenty of BrE (but you have all the witches & wizards context to put up with.. " I say, Hermione, have you done your homework?" that kind of thing...)

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