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Thread: The blind god

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    The blind god


    I have problems with the bold text; can anybody help?

    "I offer my profound congratulations," she said. "Mr. Eyre, I am vastly proud that you are to enter our family. In short, there is no gentleman IŽve eŽer met whom IŽd liefer receive as grandson. But, putting the blind god aside, supper is ready; and I am amazingly hungry. Your arm, Endymion. Young miss shall walk behind."

    Robert Murray Gilchrist, The LoverŽs Ordeal, 1905

    Thank you very much
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    Re: The blind god

    The speaker is referring to the god Eros (or Cupid) who was often represented by poets, artists and sculptors as a blindfolded child. The idea being that "love is blind". Hence Eros, or Cupid, is the "blind" god being mentioned.

    Just before the quoted text the author writes, "As she possessed both fine wit and intuition, she read aright the radiance of the lovers' faces.".

    By saying "putting the blind god aside", she means "moving on from the topic of love".

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