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    I lose my confident, and I feel scared to communicating with ppl.

    Hey, I am just a new member of this cult
    My name's Sammy from Morocco, but I have a big problem in English language.
    If I want to talk English, I need to think of it then say what revolve in my mind, like I can spell it fluently, even via writing.
    Till I found myself I had trapped with unconfident, fear of speaking considered of making Grammatical issues, using translation sometimes, lack of English language, If I want to make a statement there's always disablement, I have found a great site or someone to teach English properly, I don't express with proper expression, and how to put adjective/adverb/noun in the sentence ...... ya know what a lot of things.
    I really need help, could someone help me, and even my education and my future job.
    Thanks. :)

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    Re: I lose my confident, and I feel scared to communicating with ppl.

    The entire reason we are here is to help you. If you ask specific questions we will give specific answers.

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    Re: I lose my confident, and I feel scared to communicating with ppl.

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Sammy:

    Just a few respectful suggestions.

    1. I guess that you were being playful when you used the word "cult." Here in the United States, the word "cult" often carries a negative meaning. It might be a good idea not to use it.

    2. Maybe it's better to refer to "speaking English."

    3. Do not worry about making mistakes. Of course, you are going to make mistakes. Just keep speaking English whenever you can. It's true: Practice makes perfect.

    4. A gentle reminder: the teachers here do not appreciate words like "ya." Be sure it's "you."

    5. You are right: being fluent in English can be of the utmost importance in this global economy.

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