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Thread: he won the

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    he won the


    Is ''He won the almost lost game'' correct?
    Is ''He won the game despite playing poorly'' correct? But I think the second one is not close in the meaning.

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    Re: he won the

    I would take it to mean that with only a few moments/minutes remaining in the game, his team (or he) was losing. However, right at the last moment, he did something which ensured his team (or he) won (he scored a goal, for example). Until he did it, the game was "almost lost" but in the end, it was won.

    I would hyphenate "almost-lost" in the first sentence.

    You're right that the second sentence doesn't mean the same as the first.
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    Re: he won the

    not a teacher

    You could also say, "He won the game that was almost lost".

    Another possibility that might be more natural: He won the/a game that he'd almost lost.

    Your second sentence means something different because it adds new information… "he played poorly".
    In the first sentence, just because he almost lost the game, it can't be assumed that he played poorly. He might have played very well against strong opposition.

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