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    Structure of a sentence

    Hi. I have a question.
    ''It is fine for me to make sacrifices for you.''

    It= Subject
    is= linking verb
    fine= adjective

    what about the remaining phrase?

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    Re: Structure of a sentence

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    The following information may interest you.

    "It became necessary for Ruth to earn her own living."

    It = formal subject.
    became = linking verb.
    necessary = adjective (refers to "it").

    for Ruth to earn her own living. = prepositional phrase that is in apposition with "it."

    In other words, the sentence is basically: "For Ruth to earn her own living + became + necessary."

    Native speakers often feel more comfortable in changing this kind of sentence to an "it" construction.

    Mona: It became necessary.
    Raul: That's nice, but what do you mean by "it"?
    Mona: For Ruth to earn her own living.
    Raul: Oh, now, I understand.

    Authority: House and Harman, Descriptive English Grammar (copyright 1931 and 1950).

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