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    Question involving the use of "the"

    Hello, everyone. I've come across some difficulties while trying to write.

    When I attempted to list several things, I thought it sounded more appropriate to use "the" for certain listings. However, I started to doubt myself.

    For instance:

    "There was something pleasant about the big blue sky, the water splashing against the soil, and the leaves blowing away."

    I want to know if "the" is considered redundant and unnecessary to the structure of the sentence.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Question involving the use of "the"

    The 'the's are not redundant - that is, the "the" before "big blue sky" doesn't carry over.
    However the 'the's you've bolded don't have to be there. It doesn't really matter if you're talking about "leaves blowing away" or "the leaves blowing away."

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