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    What does "drink" refer to

    When a British or American says " do not drink too much" or "no drinking after mid-night"

    What sort of drinkable liquid do the words "drink" and " drinking" usually refer to, alcolol, juice, water etc., or both?

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    Re: What does "drink" refer to


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    Re: What does "drink" refer to

    Quote Originally Posted by bigC View Post
    When a British person or an American says "Do not drink too much" or "No drinking after midnight", what sort of drinkable liquid do the words "drink" and "drinking" usually refer to alcohol, juice, water etc., or both all of them?
    Please note my amendments to your post.

    I'm glad you included 'usually' in your question. Occasionally, they could refer to all of them. A doctor or nurse might be telling you to avoid drinking anything at all for a certain number of hours before a fasting blood test, for example.
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