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    Question Using "That" without the "Comma"


    Below is a snippet of technical document from Oracle. For original sentence, please refer to the highlighted sentence in the following quotation block.

    I want to know what the difference is if I changed the sentence like that:
    The Siebel File System is a shared directory, or set of directories that is network-accessible

    In my opinion, the "that" in the "Original" sentence points to either "a shared directory" or "set of directories", but in the "Modified" it just points to "set of directories".

    Is it correct or not? Thanks.

    The Siebel File System is a shared directory, or set of directories, that is network-accessible to the
    Siebel Server and that can store files such as attachments for use by Siebel Business Applications.
    Siebel File System directories might optionally exist on multiple separate devices or partitions.
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    Re: Using "That" without the "Comma"

    You can't remove the comma because it is the second of a pair. The pair of commas brackets off "or set of directories", and could have been written, "The Siebel File System is a shared directory (or set of directories) that is network-accessible ..."
    It's not grammatically related to 'that'.

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