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    Cool October days: Bridge & Chorus

    Hello folks!,
    Here is the bridge and chorus of my new folky song!


    October days, lonely days,
    the sky cries with me.
    in my dreams I whisper your name,
    in my life there is no time for love.

    flowers inside my book,
    my eyes read between the lines.
    Says the sun,
    you want come back.
    Says the moon,
    I want to be with you.

    My love is locked in a book,
    written lines marked with your fire.
    Says the rain,
    you want come back.
    Says the wind
    I want to be with you.

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    Re: October days: Bridge & Chorus

    I am guessing that you mean either:

    you want me to come back


    you want to come back

    I am not sure which. (Both times.)

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