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    Advice please on how to analysis language


    Firstly I want to make it clear that I am not asking someone to do my homework for me. I am thinking of becoming a ESOL teacher and I've been doing some self study before choosing a course. I asked my Spanish friend to write a short account about her wanting to be an actress to see if I can correct what she has written. My question is how do I approach a task like this. This is what she has written and again I'm not asking someone to analysis this I just want to know how do I go about doing it myself. Thank you.

    Since my childhood I have dreamed with to be an actress. I stared my career with fifteen years old and since this moment every step of my life was to go to the stage.

    Few years later I finished the high school and I decided to go out of Spain to do a tour around Europe and discover the theatre that was playing in the differents countries, I went to a lot of festivals and I was in places like Edinburg, Avignon, Norway….

    Nowadays I'm based in London to try performing here and meet my place in this amazing city because is the best place in the world to be an actor.

    My focus is at the present in learn english and improve my pronitation and my grammar skills because in that way is easier to learn the scripts in the future.

    My plans here are for two years at least, and I would like to work with different companies and even in movies. I'm going to study in a acting in front the camera course in April, and after that
    Maybe I will do a videobook to look for a agent who could be interested in a spanish actress to help me with my career here in London.

    But the most important thing that I learn in this long way called life, it's that only is it possible to make your dreams real if you never stop to dream.

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    Re: Advice please on how to analysis language

    Here's what I do with my private students:

    1. They write an article and get to me prior to class in some digital format- usually in the body of an e-mail or as a Word document attachment. If they bring it with them or send it immediately before class, then I make sure they know they are paying me by the hour to process it while they wait.

    2. I copy the article just below the original and then I break each sentence out of paragraph form and number them so we can easily refer to them and talk about them. Double spacing leaves room for their notes. I print a copy for each of us.

    3. When we are together, I first have the student read the article aloud, then I give them time to suggest improvements or mention errors they have found in reading.

    4. Then we go one by one through their sentences. I point out first any errors in spelling or structure (sentence fragments) and then we talk about usage. I ask questions to try to get the student to recognize ambiguous or confusing usage.

    5. I suggest alternative ways to express what they mean, but I try very hard not to tell them what to write. My goal is to help them remember things they already know. If they don't know or if I see the same error(s) consistently, then we need to spend some time on that topic. I also watch for signs that the student has written their article in their native language and then translated it (poorly) into English. That's a definite no-no!

    6. I expect the student to be taking notes as we discuss the article, because they are to rewrite it and we will talk about it again.

    7. Sometimes, I'll do a suggested rewrite to show them after they have done their own rewrite.

    Your friend has made a lot of mistakes! You mention that you asked her to write something. It's not clear how much criticism she will accept. I suggest you start with spelling. Your friend is lazy about that. I guess she is relying on Spellcheck or a smart-phone dictionary- neither are reliable! Next, you could talk about the use of articles (a, an, the). Then you could talk about verbs- that's a big topic where she needs a lot of help.

    I hope my suggestions can be a starting point- good luck!

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    Re: Advice please on how to analysis language

    Note that your thread title should have used "... how to analyse language", not "... analysis language". "Analyse" is a verb. "Analysis" is a noun. You repeated the error within your post.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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