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    If I would be given the job...

    "If i would be given the job,I would go up in the ladder as faster as i could"

    Above was one of my answers for a question asked during a job interview i faced.Please help me to find whether it s grammatically correct/not.

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    Re: If I would be given the job...

    You will notice that I have changed your thread title.

    Extract from the Posting Guidelines:

    'Thread titles should include all or part of the word/phrase being discussed.'

    Your sentence is not grammatical. I assume you are using 'ladder' figuratively and not applying for a job as a window cleaner or roofer.

    One way to say it could be

    'If I am given the job, I will do my best to climb the ladder as fast as I can'.

    Always capitalise 'I'.
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