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Thread: call upon

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    call upon

    Is the following sentence grammatical ?

    I call upon on the fortune teller that my family revere(From National Geographic Traveler Magazine).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: call upon

    No — 'on' is redundant.

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    Re: call upon

    ***** NOT A TEACHER *****

    Hello, Gurpreetgill:

    When I read your sentence, the word that got my attention was "revere."

    First, I think that people may revere religious leaders or even some political leaders, but revering a fortune teller sounds very strange here in the United States, where fortune tellers do not command too much respect.

    Second, Americans usually consider "family" as a singular collective noun: "My family reveres that fortune teller."

    "Family" in American English is plural only if one is definitely thinking of the individual members: "My family are planning their (individual) vacation plans." Compare: "My family goes to Paris every summer."

    You have written a very nice sentence.

    In my opinion, it might sound more "natural" if you said something like:

    "I go to the fortune teller my family likes."

    P.S. Some people are embarrassed to admit that they go to a fortune teller, so they might be a little bit less embarrassed by using the word "psychic." For example: "That psychic's clients include many movie stars and even a few politicians."

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