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    Question Need help to rewrite these sentences (paraphrasing, CAE)

    Hello, i'm studying in order to apply for an exam to get into college. I did these sentences but they might be possibly wrong, so if someone can help me i would be very grateful about it. Thanks!!
    The words in capital letters must no be change!

    1.It's a pity I have to work tomorrow.--> I WISH i didn't have to work tomorrow
    2.I wouldn't have reached the summit if John hadn't assisted me--> HAD IT not been for John's assistance, i wouldn't have reached the summit.
    3.Please dont turn on the radio--> I'D RATHER you didn't turn up the radio
    4 There is clear evdence that Steven did not break into the building--> IT CANT have been Steven who broke into the building.
    5.What brought about her downfall was her inability to give in--> IT WAS her inability to give in what brought her downfall
    6.Should you happen to see her, please tell her i'd like to have a word with her--> WERE you happen to see her, please...
    7.i wish he wouldn't change his mind all the time--> HE IS always changing his mind
    8.i seldom see her these days-->SELDOM do i see her these days
    9. the minute she alked out the door, she realized she'd left her keys inside.-->NO SOONER did she walk out the door than she realized ...
    10.this course of studies will take me five years--> IN FIVE YEARS' TIME i will have been graduated.
    11.i dint help you because i didn't know the answes to the question--> IF I knew the answer to the question i would help you
    12.he would like it much better if she filled in for him at the meeting-->HE'D RATHER like it much better than(?)

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    Re: Need help to rewrite these sentences (paraphrasing, CAE)

    Have another look at 6/9/11/12. Also, I would use the active in 10.

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